Virginia Integrated Program of Planning and Advising for Student Success



VIP‐PASS is based on Achieving the Dream’s Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success (iPASS) strategy. The strategy accomplishes holistic transformation of the full student experience by integrating technology solutions with a Guided Pathways approach. Incoming students are given support to clarify goals for college and careers, choose a program of study, and develop an academic plan with predictable schedules. Embedded advising, progress tracking, and feedback are integrated into pathways leading to successful transfer or entry into the labor market. VIP‐PASS at its core is about changing the way we do business by adopting technology and business process
es that improve the student’s experience.

Changing the way we do business does not happen overnight. Implementing lasting change requires a commitment on behalf of an organization at many levels. Transformative change only happens when structural, process, and attitudinal change is embraced and committed as the new way of operating. VIP-PASS is essentially operationalizing our Guided Pathways strategy. To bring about lasting positive change in the VCCS that will impact student success and help faculty and staff scale resources, we must look at our processes from a student-centered perspective and remove unintentional barriers. 


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Our implementation of VIP-PASS will only be as good as the work we do to remove systemic and institutional barriers to student success. Technology can help us scale our strategy, but technology will not fix broken processes or programs that do not align to current labor market demands. To really understand VIP-PASS, you must first understand Guided Pathways. As our foundational work, we stand to make the most impact in areas of student success through a comprehensive Guided Pathways approach.  If we were to weigh the importance of strategy and technology, it might look something like this:


VIP-PASS concept


Over the next year you will hear a lot about VIP-PASS. You will also hear a lot about comprehensive steps your college is taking to improve student outcomes. This will touch every area of the college and every area of the student experience. If you haven’t been engaged in conversations or planning around Guided Pathways at your college, it’s time to get engaged. VIP-PASS is poised to be a game changer for the VCCS, but only if we all do the critical work needed to ensure we are addressing student success at every level and in every role at our colleges. There is no one area that addresses student success in isolation. Every person, every process, every policy, and every program should work in concert to help our students reach their ultimate goals. 


This is not a one-off initiative; it is mission critical work. 


Stay tuned for more information and additional resources coming this spring.


 “We define transformative change as organizational growth and development that combines structural, process, and attitudinal change. Structural changes lay the framework for new behaviors, thereby encouraging improved student experiences throughout the institution. Process change reforms how people do their jobs at an individual level: it therefore requires supportive structures to ensure it occurs among enough college personnel to change experiences for large numbers of students. Transformative change takes root when attitudinal change occurs—when individuals start to understand their work and view work processes in new ways.” — Achieving the Dream



VCCS VIP-PASS Process Graphic





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