RUN (Recruitment Update Numbers)






The RUN Report – July 6, 2017


Welcome to this week’s edition of the RUN Report. Our current system wide Fall 2017 admissions numbers as of 7-5-17:



 (Click image to enlarge)



This week we want to break down our applicants by age.  We believe having a better understanding of who our students are will help our recruitment efforts.  So, Aaron has created a new report in Quinn called Application Yields by Age  to show you the break down.  This report behaves in much the same way as the Not Enrolled Lookup report from way back in Week 2, so please reference that post and the video tutorial. If you have questions, you can also email Aaron at


(And a gentle reminder that to get into Quinn you need 2 things: proper access and a Silverlight plugin for IE, which is the optimal browser. Your college’s IT help desk can assist you with both items.)

We will be back next week for another RUN update and a fresh look at your admissions data. In the meantime, please let us know how the RUN has helped you and what strategies you are employing to provide that much needed boost to enrollment this Fall.

Remember – You can get the names, EMPLIDs, phone numbers, emails, and programs of study for your Fall 2017 prospective students by accessing Aaron’s Not Enrolled Lookup” from Week 2.