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VCCS has selected the EAB Navigate technology tool, to implement at scale, several components of our VIP-PASS strategy. Navigate provides a structured onboarding experience using student-centered tools that help students develop clear academic plans, understand their time to degree completion, and communicate with advisors. The tool also helps students create an academic course schedule that takes into account their ambitions, as well as their class, study, work, and personal commitments.  The platform nudges students to take steps that will increase the likelihood that they will succeed. Additionally, EAB Navigate’s advising and administrative tools help colleges improve advising supports  and business processes. 


EAB Navigate does not replace the need for advisors or for interpersonal contact with faculty and staff.


EAB Navigate does not replace the need for advisors or for interpersonal contact with faculty and staff. It provides our colleges with an integrated tool that helps ensure a comprehensive onboarding process. It also gives our students, faculty and staff user friendly tools to help communicate, collaborate, provide at scale advising and student supports.

EAB Navigate is an integral piece of our comprehensive plan.


Below are webinars demonstrations on the Student View and the Advisor View. Password for both are: VCCS





Data Sources for EAB NAVIGATE


Full Descriptions for each publication in the above bookcase are below:


Breakthrough Practices for Creating Differentiated Value for Prospects and Building Lifelong Learner Relationships 

Powerful piece of research on how today’s adult student is searching for higher education options.  Comes with a CRM toolkit for colleges. Also ways that IA can be key to the enrollment process.

Seriously….. Take a look at this toolkit!!!!!


How Not to Achieve Your Enrollment Management Goals

A lovely piece that says predictive analytics, text messaging and outbound calls don’t result in any significant difference in student populations.  In fact, they may lead to lower numbers than control groups. This is based on 4 year colleges, but has a survey tool that may be useful for us.


Organizing for Enrollment Management at Community Colleges

This is an older report (2009), but it has some good questions that might be useful to someone learning more about enrollment management at our colleges.

Here is the summary from EAB: Traditionally, enrollment management processes at community colleges have been decentralized, with individual enrollment-related services located in a variety of administrative offices such as the Office of Admissions, the Registrar, Financial Aid, and Recruiting. However, community colleges are increasingly centralizing enrollment management efforts under a single position (e.g., director of enrollment management) in order to more effectively integrate the institution’s marketing, recruitment, retention, and long-range planning efforts into a strategic enrollment plan. This brief provides an overview of how six community colleges organize enrollment management processes, and it details the associated benefits and drawbacks of each organizational structure.


EAB NAVIGATE Webinar Series


The videos below are live demonstrations of the NAVIGATE system. 

Password for all videos: VCCS





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All 23 colleges will implement the full onboarding, advising, and administrative tools available through the platform. This will occur between Spring of 2018 and Spring of 2019. However, all colleges will begin working in the Summer and Fall of 2017 towards process improvements needed to fully implement the technology. This will be an inclusive and comprehensive implementation and will require that our colleges are fully engaged in their guided pathways work and in evaluating and streamlining business processes to ensure we are scaling the best possible practices.


Navigate Documents


Click here to download the latest information on Implementation November 2018.

Please click on your college below to find documents related to your Navigate Implementation. More college documents coming soon!




Implementation Waves


To manage the implementation process and ensure that all colleges have the time needed to prepare adequately, we will implement EAB Navigate in three waves. You will learn more about your college implementation plan through your college leadership over the next year.



Implementation Teams


Each college will develop a cross-functional and cross-hierarchical team to guide the implementation process. These teams will work with the VCCS team and EAB to structure the process. Your college leadership will determine the composition of each team.


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Implementation Timeline


 Dates and activities may change as needed.


Check back often for calendar updates.





Why Statement:

" create a game changing pathway, moving students from access to success."


Why Statement:

"DSLCC is participating in VIP-PASS Implementation because it ties directly into our strategic plan goals:

  • Improve student success

  • Increase retention

  • Increase graduation rates"