College Actions Plans

In the fall of 2015 and spring of 2016, all 23 colleges participated in the Student Success Leadership Institute. This institute was the catalyst for introducing the Guided Pathways framework to our colleges. During the institute, small college teams placed a critical eye on data, discussed college strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats, explored the Guided Pathways framework, and developed a series of action plans. At the conclusion of the institute, each college submitted a final Student Success Action Plan, articulating their goals for improving student outcomes over the next five years.

View or Download Final Action Plans below:

2016 College Action Plans

Community CollegePDF Version
Blue Ridge CCdownload_icon2
Central Virginiadownload_icon2
Dabney S. Lancasterdownload_icon2
Eastern Shoredownload_icon2
J. Sargeant Reynoldsdownload_icon2
John Tylerdownload_icon2
Lord Fairfaxdownload_icon2
Mountain Empiredownload_icon2
New Riverdownload_icon2
Northern Virginiadownload_icon2
Patrick Henrydownload_icon2
Paul D. Campdownload_icon2
Southside Virginiadownload_icon2
Southwest Virginiadownload_icon2
Thomas Nelsondownload_icon2
Virginia Highlandsdownload_icon2
Virginia Westerndownload_icon2