Chancellor’s Innovation Fund (CIF)

The annual Chancellor’s Innovation Fund (CIF) provides colleges with an opportunity to receive funding in support of innovative projects that closely align with the VCCS strategic plan, Complete 2021. This award year, special emphasis was placed on proposals that explore innovative solutions in support of student success through Guided Pathways and initiatives outlined in each colleges Final Action Plan.

This year we received 19 CIF proposals from 16 colleges. The CIF Review Committee, made up of faculty and administrators from the VCCS Student Success Center Steering Committee, faced the challenge of selecting the best projects from among very worthy and innovative proposals.

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Congratulations to the 2016-2017 CIF grantees, listed below, for their outstanding projects.


2016-2017 Chancellor’s Innovation Fund Grantees

CollegeProject AwardAward
VHCCStudent Experience Redesign$6,000
RCCCustomer Relationship Education Advocacy Management$16,000
MECCHybrid Lecture Streaming and Regional Symposium$20,000
WCCAccess Success: Creating Guided Pathways to Student Success$20,000
VWCCLoss-Point Advising$7,000
DSLCCStudent Success Implementation$10,338
PDCCCRegional Symposium on Student Success$14,000
JSRCCHealth Sciences Common Core Curriculum and Surgical Services Pathway
(collaboration with: LFCC, PVCC, and NVCC)
SWVCCMeta-Majors for Improving Student Success$6,000
CVCCBuilding Student Success through Appreciative Advising
(collaboration with: K-12)
PVCCMeta-Major and Structured Program Design$6,000
GCCMath Pathways Institute
(collaboration with: BRCC,DSLCC,DCC,PHCC,RCC, and TCC)
JTCCAdvising Nursing and Engineering Students$15,000