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The Resource Center is brought to you by the VCCS Student Success Center. This site was developed with the one goal of providing all VCCS faculty, staff, and administrators with a comprehensive resource site in support of student success across our system.

Whether you desire to learn about best practices, VCCS data, policies, terms, or strategies, this site will serve as your one-stop shop for all things student success. As a living site, the content will continue to expand based on your feedback and contributions. Use our feedback link to provide us with your suggestions!


VCCS Student Success Center

The VCCS Student Success Center is funded through a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Kresge Foundation. The grant is administered and supported by Jobs for the Future (JFF).


Since its establishment in April 2016, the Center has focused resources and efforts on equipping Virginia’s community colleges with the information and tools they need to embrace a comprehensive Guided Pathways strategy for student success. This work involves (1) engaging and convening stakeholders, (2) aligning current and anticipated student success initiatives, and (3) using data to inform decision making.

With the full-scale implementation of Guided Pathways and VIP-PASS as a central component in addressing long-term student success, the Center will continue to bring statewide, regional, and campus-based technical assistance to Virginia’s Community Colleges.

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VCCS Student Success Center Steering Committee